G.J. Chemical offers high-purity reagents for laboratoriesG.J. Chemical features a proprietary line of high purity chemical reagents for laboratories that need consistent, high quality products, fast delivery, convenience-size packaging and access to real people for personal service. G.J. Chemical stocks a deep inventory of chemical reagents for reacting and testing chemicals for foods, flavors, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and a virtually limitless range of industrial products.

“I count on G.J. Chemical to deliver reagent grade chemicals for my pharmaceutical lab customers and they deliver on time, every time, even when I need it immediately. I can rely on their high purity and tight quality control so my customers can do their jobs and be confident in their data. G.J. Chemical gets it exactly right every time.” – Jatin Shah, M.D. Laboratory Supplies, Inc., Franklin Park, N.J.

For a free quote, call 973-589-1450 or email customerservice@gjchemical.com.

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