Custom Services

G.J. Chemical offers chemical testing, custom chemical formulations, FDA-registered packaging and repackaging, tote management and other services to suit customer specifications.

Tote Management

G.J. Chemical maintains an inventory of several hundred, 500-gallon, stainless steel tote containers and manages the storage, filling, tracking and delivery of these chemical totes for G.J. Chemical offers custom packaging and repackaging in totes, drums and morea variety of customers. Only G.J. Chemical offers this level of experience and expertise to safely and effectively manage chemical container handling and logistics while smoothly navigating the regulatory issues to minimize risk and liability. Reliable. Dependable. Credible.

NJ Tote Management - IBC Tote
Custom Chemical Packaging New Jersey

Custom Chemical Packaging

G.J. Chemical offers custom chemical filling in 500-gallon totes, 55-gallon steel and plastic drums, five-gallon pails, glass laboratory bottles and a G.J. Chemical delivers high quality chemicals by tanker and in drums, totes and other containers.wide variety of other container sizes and materials to meet specifications for both distributors and end users. G.J. maintains a high purity packaging line to safeguard against contamination and permit quality-assured production of chemical grades such as USP/NF, FCC, Reagent ACS, HPLC Grade ACS, General Reagent Grades, GC/MS, Pesticide/Residue Grade and Electronic & Military Grade that meet UN/DOT requirements.

Let Us Find What You're Looking For

GJ Chemical is happy to source any material you are having trouble finding.