Test lab

G.J. Chemical offers chemical testing, custom chemical formulations, FDA-registered packaging and repackaging, tote management and other services to suit customer specifications.

G.J. Chemical features an on-site test laboratory with state-of-the-art instrumentation.G.J. Chemical operates an on-site, analytical testing laboratory that features state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and instrumentation for performing an array of quality control functions on liquid, organic chemicals. G.J. Chemical technicians test incoming chemical lots for identification, purity, water content, color, specific gravity, refractive index, acidity-alkalinity, non- volatile content, low ppm contaminants, inhibitor (MEHQ, HQ) or stabilizer (BHT), and/or benzene, as appropriate, and UV Spectra. Additional testing, verification and documentation may be performed before chemicals are packaged and/or shipped.

The G.J. Chemical laboratory certifies chemical products to ASTM, ACS, HPLC, USP, and NF standards and guidelines and/or to specific customer specifications. Technicians operate the advanced laboratory equipment using written procedures for appropriate use and calibrate the lab equipment daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually depending on the lab equipment procedure requirement.

To perform these tests G.J. Chemical uses the following laboratory equipment and instrumentation:

  • - Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph GC-2014
  • - Shimadzu High Purity (Performance) Liquid Chromatograph LC-2010AHT
  • - Shimadzu Infrared Spectrophotometer IRA Affinity-1
  • - Shimadzu UV Spectrophotometer UV-1800
  • - Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph- Mass Spectrometer GCMS-QP2010S
  • - Karl Fisher Tester Titroline-KFTRSE, Leica Refractive Index III
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